It’s my 600th post in just a little over 6 years so my average posts per year are pretty easy to calculate. Thank you for visiting!


It’s officially spring in our yard when the Skippers arrive. They were a few weeks late this year and there aren’t too many yet but I’m sure that will change.


Now that our lantana has recovered after a deep freeze this winter (even though it was covered), the critters that love it are returning, too.

Painted Lady 3.25.15

Painted Lady


Giant Swallowtail


Even those with tattered wings (above)…

Hibiscus 3.15

Also enduring a tough winter, the hibiscus is finally back to blooming.

Hibiscus 3.18.15

Here’s a trio of shots…with a theme:



Leafcutter 3.29.15

Leafcutter Bee


Leaf-Footed Bug

Well, I was going to have a bird-free post since I’m sure not everyone loves the little guys as much as I do but I just had to show these photos…even though they’re not that good.

Our anniversary is April 1 and Tony started a new job this April 1. He left earlier than I do for work so I walked out with him that morning. I happened to look up in our next-door neighbors’ very high tree~and there was a large flock of Cedar Waxwings up there, a bird I’ve never seen before but have wanted to for some time. They were all facing directly into the sun and away from me so the photos are not what I wish they were but I was still excited to see them. When I left for work 45 minutes later, they were all gone, probably headed north for the summer, so it was very fortuitous for me to go out earlier that morning.

4 Waxwings



They love berries and we have a few varieties in our yard so I was hoping they would come down to snack but I guess they were just on a rest break.




So…have a Happy Easter, if you celebrate it, or a Happy Spring Weekend…


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7 responses to “600!

  1. Happy Easter! And congratulations with the 600th post!

  2. Congrats on your prolific posting record. And what a fabulous anniversary sighting! So glad you got photos!

  3. Congratulations on 600! That’s actually a great sustained rate.
    The photos are lovely. Glad to got to see the waxwings. They are regular visitors here and very beautiful little birds.

  4. A fine varied post. The insects favoring certain plants is interesting. The Waxwings looks very good to me. What a break that you noticed them.

  5. Cute and pretty flowers and critters! And how wonderful that the cedar waxwings visited your area on their way up north and you got to see them.

  6. Congratulations, Candace.
    I am so glad that I met you here.
    Happy Easter to you.

  7. That’s impressive! Congratulations!

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