Hummers and Flowers


Desert Marigold 4.8.15

Hummer 2

Hib 4.25.15_edited-1




Bee 4.25.15_edited-1


Desert Marigold and Bee


Pom with Bug 4.25.15


Hib Open 4.25.15

H-bird with Oliver Poem

I tried to salvage this last shot by adding a little inspiration. Not sure it worked…


9 responses to “Hummers and Flowers

  1. Thumbs up on all of them. It’s always such a delight to stop by and get a dose of nature beauty.

  2. So much beauty – I love visiting your space- such pretty images Candace!

  3. You have some beautiful photos of both in this post! The summer hummers have finally arrived here too and they are very welcome!

  4. Hummingbirds are so very quick, that it’s very tricksy to capture a good shot. So kudos on your wonderful pics, I really admire your patience and skill.

  5. I love the last shot too..All are great!

  6. The flowers are lovely and the hummer and insects are delightful! The last one is my favorite. 🙂

  7. Fine hummer shots and their flowers. Thankds for being here when i’ve been unable to comment or take new pictures. From my iPad.

  8. It is a grace this bird !! Hummingbird is very agile !! beautiful pictures
    back from vacation, I resumed broadcasts and the gray heron of the day you please !! Have a nice week

  9. You’ve captured the beauty that surrounds you perfectly, Candace!

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