Just Ducky

Duck Head

Mallard 3

While it’s still duckling season, I’d better show you some of those I’ve seen the past few weeks. Our migratory waterfowl have split for the season and those that remain are year-round residents.


You probably have baby ducks where you are, too, or will soon, but who doesn’t love a baby duck and watching them play?


Duck Race!


2 Dux




Okay, that’s enough…

Saved Duck

I thought this little guy above was going to go under. He was all alone and paddling furiously against the current because he didn’t want to be swept under the bridge across the canal. But, in the end, we scared him so that he did go under the bridge and he was happily floating toward his family last time I saw him.

Mallard Close

Mallard 2



Teenager, above.

White Duck

This pretty girl, above, looks different than the other Mallard hens, glistening in the water.

Resident Water Bird Bonus Shots

Green Heron

Green Heron Snack

Green Heron, snacking

Cormy Splash


This Neotropic Cormorant caught himself a big one and had a hard time controlling it. I left before the gory ending.


6 thoughts on “Just Ducky

  1. Lovely shots of the ducklings. There are few things cuter!
    We are seeing ducklings and goslings up here now too. Few things are noisier than nesting geese. They seem to honk in shifts 24/7.


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