My Yard in May

Hum 5.2.15_edited-1

Anna’s Hummingbird, male


Not the world’s best pic of this little guy, above, but he is a male Black-Chinned Hummingbird, unlike the Anna’s that frequent our yard. He is also a lifer. If the sun hits him just right, he has a little collar of purple at the bottom part of the black area. He seriously knows when I have my camera and refuses to cooperate.



Abert’s Towhee

Towhee 5.10.15

Abert’s Towhee, juvenile



Checkered-White Butterfly






House Finches, adults and juveniles

Dove 5.10.15

White-Winged Dove



House Sparrow, juvenile

Mock 3.7.15

Mock 3.14.15

Mock Wire

Northern Mockingbirds

These guys apparently have nests all around and are very raucous right now, dive-bombing the cats (who keep away from them and really don’t bother any of the birds) and chattering all day and night.


5 responses to “My Yard in May

  1. These are wonderful, Candace. I especially love the dove and the hummingbird. Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Yet things to see, and many varieties !! Consistently great shots

  3. Nice shot of the White-winged Dove! I haven’t seen one of them in many years.

  4. Lovely – it’s always a delight to see your photos.

  5. A fine variety of birds and the butterfly. I have house finches coming to my new feeder. I’m hoping they will get the “word” out to other birds.

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