Hummer Action

Hum 6.20.15

There have been a lot of busy hummingbirds in our yard lately…



These 2, above, and the one, below, were all taken at the same time so I know they were 3 different hummingbirds.




“High Four!”





This is Rico Suave, above, with his bedroom eyes (click to see his long eyelashes).


Hum in Wind

You can’t tell by this photo, above, except for the blurry branches, but it was the midst of a dust storm and winds were gusting to about 50 mph. This guy was hanging on tight. Apparently their feet “lock” so they don’t have to worry about losing their grip.


Hummer Swing

I’ve seen a lot of photos in some birding groups I’m in where the hummers perch on little swings, thereby making for some lovely photo opps. It’s just a matter of placing it where they will like it. So I got this little copper one and hope it gets some use…




7 thoughts on “Hummer Action

  1. I wish I knew how to identify hummingbirds! I was renting a house last year and they had hummingbird feeders up, so they were frequent visitors. I had to refill the sugar water every day in the summer, they’d go through it so quickly. Great pictures Candace, thanks for identifying them. 🙂


  2. great closeups, Candace. we have 4-5 (a mix of Anna’s and Rufouses) who are regulars here, but there is no sharing the three feeders in the backyard or the fourth one at the front. lots of screaming, chasing, and flying, as a matter of fact.

    good to know about the locking feet — I always wondered why hummingbirds in torpor don’t fall off their perch. 🙂

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