Hummer Feeding




He’s nibbling bugs. Insects and nectar are the primary foods of hummingbirds but they will readily come to feeders. Having feeders for them entails some responsibility, though. You should never use the red, store-bought nectar. That can kill them! It’s very easy to make your own with pure cane sugar and water and you should never add red food coloring or any other additives. The recipe is at the end of this post.

The feeders need to be changed often as mold can form. Since hummingbirds are so small, mold can be very toxic to them.  Metal feeders can become rusty and that is also dangerous to such tiny critters.

Metal Feeder


The HummZingers are the easiest to clean and the birds seem to like them. They also have an ant moat. I don’t have problems with ants at my feeders but some people do.

Hummer 3 1.18.14_edited-1

Hummer 4 1.18.14_edited-1

This glass feeder, above, is also fairly easy to clean. I have another feeder that isn’t quite as easy to clean and it has a metal tube but the tube seems to be galvanized. By changing the nectar often, mold does not form.


This is also the only feeder that the sweet little Verdins in my yard can get nectar out of. They like to get underneath and drink the droplets that leak out. Sometimes they drink from the flower.

Verdin Feeder 2

Verdin Feeder

Verdin Feeder 3

“Don’t take my nectar away!”

Lisa Humminbird Nectar

We’re lucky that we have Anna’s Hummingbirds in our yard all year so the little effort that it takes to have them visit often and eat is worth the reward of watching and photographing them.



“I’m happy I have lotsa feeders!”

If you want to see all sorts of beautiful hummingbird photos and learn more about the bejeweled little creatures, join The Hummingbird Whisperer on Facebook.

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    1. That was a gift many years ago so I don’t know where the person got it. I have seen similar in gift stores out here. Amazon has similar:
      Or they also sell the stoppers on Amazon so you can make your own. Mine used to be better-looking but it’s fallen out of the tree before when it’s windy and bent the wire.

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