Out on a Limb


Skip 8.24.15


I’m out on a limb because today is the first day of my retirement after working 39 years for the same organization! I won’t have any personal income for another 10 months unless I take a part-time job but it should be okay anyway. Tony is still working for awhile and I have money saved just for this time.


Skip 2 8.8.15

Verdin 8.28.15

So I plan to be out in nature more and seeing more birds, at more places. Hopefully, it will be all fun and no worries.

Skip 8.17.15

Today at Granada Park, I got another lifer, a Western Kingbird, so that is a fortuitous beginning to my new adventures. There were 2 of them but this one posed nicer:



One of my bosses gave me this bracelet (with a Georgia O’Keeffe quote), below…always a good thought…

Take Time Cuff

Stripey Looking

“I’m looking…at birds and lizards.”

I Grass

“I’m looking at you with your dumb camera.”


Bird House

For those days when I’m only backyard birding, I’ve added some new hummingbird feeders and props in hopes that the hummers and other birds will give me some pretty poses.

Hummer Swing


8 responses to “Out on a Limb

  1. Congratulations! 39 years.. that’s tremendous..

  2. What a wonderful way to to begin your next chapter! Wishing you all the best and lots and lots of fun.

  3. I didn’t think anyone worked for the same company anymore like that except for my husband! He has been with his company for 35 years. I like to tell people he has been working there since Jimmy Carter was president. It makes more of an impression! LOL. Congratulations. Enjoy your retirement. PS where do people who already live in a retirement area go to retire???

  4. I am sure you are going to love your retirement, Candace, and I am very much looking forward to all of the photos you will make.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  5. Congratulations on a fine series and your retirement. I’m glad you have planned for this special time in your career. I hope you can take even more pictures!

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