More Beauties at the DBG

Flicker WingsGilded Flicker

It’s fun to get lifers, as I showed in my last post, but it’s also nice to get shots I like of familiar birds. These were taken on my excellent birding day at the Desert Botanical Garden last week. Click to enlarge any of the photos.

DoveMourning Dove

Dfly and BeeDragonfly and Bee

Hummer Girl

Hummer SuckingHummingbirds


RTHA_edited-1Red-Tailed Hawk

Lizard 2Desert Spiny Lizard

Flower and Bee


CW Bfly  DSC_3878Cactus Wren

Queen BatteredQueen Butterfly, a little battered

Flicker 2

Flicker BackGilded Flickers (2 different ones)


3 thoughts on “More Beauties at the DBG

  1. An interesting variety of pictures again. I liked everything about your post. The cactus wren’s bill struck me as very long for some unknown reason. Nice post.


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