The Yard Guards

DSC_4146 crop

I have 4 hummingbird feeders, 2 in the front yard, 2 in the backyard. So there are 2 male Anna’s that have staked out the territory as their own: one in the front, one in the back. Above is the backyard guard who I call “Pete” (Sweet, Petite Pete).

This is “Newt” (Little Cute Newt), the front yard guard:


I don’t usually name my yard birds but a lot of people in the hummingbird Facebook group I belong to do, so I decided why not?

Lately, I’ve spent more time with Pete. One morning last week, I sat in my backyard for several hours reading with my camera close by. Pete stayed pretty near.

Hum 9.12.15

(Click to enlarge below photo for easier reading.)

Hummingbird Pee Story


There are some females (or immature males) around and they are permitted to occasionally grab a drink before the boys are in hot pursuit.

Sparkle Plenty

Red Feeder

But these 2 are always watching…and ready to head off an intruder…




DSC_3709“Get outta my yard!”

As an aside, if you have 6 minutes to spare, watch this totally cool and inspiring video about a wildlife photojournalist:

Joe Riis, National Geographic Adventure


8 thoughts on “The Yard Guards

  1. I always really enjoy seeing your pictures of birds, especially the hummingbirds. “The Little PeePot” photo is so funny! And thank you for sharing the NGEO video.



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