Morning Wins

Fishhook FlowersBee on Fishhook Cactus


PL x 5 GreenPainted Lady

Roseate SkimmerRoseate Skimmer, male

Dragonfly 8.8.15_edited-1Roseate Skimmer, female

Dragonfly 9.11.15

Lizard 8.30.15Camouflaged Lizard

The lantanas have been buzzing with critters:




Hairstreak Chomp

This is a Gray Hairstreak, above, whose camouflaged tail has apparently met with a predator.  “This is a case of a “false head” in a butterfly. While the real head is inconspicuous, the posterior part of the wings bear a gaudy, attention-attracting false head, colored orange and replete with fake eyespots, fake antennae, and fake legs. Note as well that the wing patterns call attention to the fake head by converging on it.” I guess the camouflage worked but now it has nothing for the next time…

Below is a photo from last year of an intact hairstreak.


Moon 8.31.15

All but 2 of these photos were taken in (or, in the case of the moon, from) my yard. Thanks to the silly Belvita commercials, #morningwin is my favorite hashtag. Nothing like starting the day seeing something you think is awesome.

Here’s a fun article about Carolyn Lavender, a local artist I know, and whose yard I’ve taken bird photos in!


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