These are all female Yellow-Rumped Warblers (Audubon’s) above. The males have yellow on the tops of their heads, too. These little warblers are the opposite of those I’ve shown lately. These guys head north for the summer, sometimes as close as northern AZ, and come back here for the winter. They have begun arriving. Several people saw their firsts of the year yesterday as did I.

I’ve had a few more lifer birds lately:


DSC_4751Rock Wren

Sparrow 2a

DSC_4299Brewer’s Sparrow

The following birds are not lifers but have crossed my path recently. I see Great Blue Herons often but the one, below, is the first I’ve ever seen at Granada Park:


Gila 8.31.15Gila Woodpecker

KestrelAmerican Kestrel, male

And a couple Verdins, which I see and post a lot. The one, below, was in a little greenbelt close to home. It was building a nest. Both the males and females build nests and they both look the same.

Verdin Nest Bldg 9.22.15

Verdin Nest 20 H

Below is a Verdin nest in our yard in our pine tree. The openings are usually on the side or bottom of the nest.

Verdin Nest 8.31.15

This is one of the Verdins in our yard, maybe the builder of the nest:

Verdin Sepia_edited-1

These photos were taken at home and several parks: Granada Park, Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden, Dreamy Draw Recreation Area, and 20th Street and Highland.

7 thoughts on “Recently…

  1. You produced another very interesting post of the variety of birds in your area. The migration to relatively nearby northern Arizona is surprising to me.
    I suppose their behavior speaks to the large increase in elevation across your state.

    Liked by 1 person

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