My Pretties



Coming in for a landing…


Total body contact. Those are 2 different Queen Butterflies, above.

DSC_1956Bee on Gaillardia

(Click to enlarge bee and see the golden pollen on its feet.)


Dig It Urban Gardens and Nursery, a new central Phoenix nursery, where #2-4 above photos were taken. Cool mural.

9.30.15 3

9.30.15 4

9.30.15 feederAnna’s Hummingbird, males

Mock 9.29.15Northern Mockingbird

Finch 2 9.13.15

Finch 9.13.15House Finch, male

Skip 9.26.15Fiery Skipper

Skipper Brown 10.7.15

Another Skipper, possibly a Clouded Skipper, there are just too many skipper types to positively ID.

Solar Birdhouse

A friend gave me this solar birdhouse. It looks very pretty at night, hope no birdies try to move in.



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