Halloween Cats

Page_1_edited-1Our 10 cats are busily preparing for Halloween. They haven’t been featured here much lately so they want to reintroduce themselves. All of our cats, except one, showed up in our yard as strays or ferals and all have been neutered. From the top, and then L to R:

Svengali is an outdoor cat who acts as neighborhood ambassador. He comes and greets anyone who comes to our door and supervises all activities among cats and humans alike.

Marbles is 17 and a half, still full of energy, and likes sunshine, fresh air, and food. Google is a sweet, chatty, interactive cat who was just diagnosed with diabetes although he is only 7.5 years old. He’s now on insulin but he lost a lot of weight so we are working on regulating his dose. He seems to be improving. Jessi used to live outside but now lives inside; she is devoted to her dad and tolerates me.

The triplets are also 7.5 years old, born to a feral mom, Isabella, who is no longer with us. Ebony is huge, fluffy, timid, extremely sweet, and loves to be brushed. Ivory has catitude, likes our neighbor’s roof, and does what she wants. Edie, unlike her siblings, remains feral but does meow at us.

Stripey is 5.5 years old, and was also born to Isabella. She’s a very sweet, stay-at-home girl who also likes to bully other girl cats at times. Winky is technically our cat but she likes our neighbor and his dog more and spends most of her free time with them, coming over here for meals. It takes a village to raise a cat. Lilki showed up about 2 months ago as a very tiny kitten but her left ear was already tipped, meaning someone spayed and released her. How she got here is anyone’s guess. She likes climbing trees and spends her days avoiding Stripey who feels a need to torment her. She needs to get bigger so she can get even.





The following are animated gifs I’ve made through the years. If you don’t see the animation, click on them.






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