Slow Birding Week

Gaillardia 11.6.15

It was a slow week for birding. I went to a place that I used to stop in at on my way home from work, that was lush and dark, where I used to get some good shots but most of the trees had been cut down so there were no birds! Very sad and disappointing. So that left only my old standby, Granada Park, and our yard as my birding destinations for the past week.

Hum 11.2.15

Gazania 2 11.7.15

Hum 11.7.15

I’ve strategically placed a few more pots of flowers around in an attempt to have some nice backdrops (and nectar) for the many hummers who frequent our yard but, so far, they still prefer the tree branches and feeders.

Hum 10.30.15

Wouldn’t these guys look prettier if they were sipping from flowers or at least closer to flowers?

Hummers 2 11.2.15“Buzz off!”

Purple Basil 11.7.15


Gazania 3 11.7.15

Hum Front 11.2.15Anna’s Hummingbirds

Gaillardia 2 11.7.15

And attracting more butterflies would be a plus, too, although they seem to prefer our lantana.

Skip 11.7.15

Skippers 2 11.2.15

And this is all I saw at  Granada Park:

DSC_5245Mourning Doves


A butterball? A snowball? Maybe a domestic goose, napping.

DSC_5263American Kestrel, male


DSC_5268Queen Butterfly

Hoping for some more exotic locales in the near future…

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