Photo Hiatus

Hum Front 11.20.15_edited-1

I guess I was on a little hiatus, unintended. My knee hurts, waaaah, it was cold here, waaaah, I just didn’t get out much and, when I did, nothing much was going on. So this is my yard, mostly today, and earlier this week.

Finch 11.12.15House Finch, male

Finch 11.20.15House Finch, female

Thrasher 11.7.15Curve-Billed Thrasher

Mock 11.14.15Northern Mockingbird

Hum Back 11.20.15_edited-1Anna’s Hummingbird, immature male

Hum Back 11.20.15

Hum Front 2 11.20.15_edited-2Anna’s Hummingbird, adult male

Finch 2 11.15

Hum Front 3 11.20.15

And then some of the yard cats…Little Lilki, our newest TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release), that someone apparently dumped here, is growing up.

Lilki 11.20.15

She gets chased, a few times a day, by Stripey, but she’s getting smarter at avoidance and she’s getting bigger every day.

Stripe Pot_edited-1

Even Edie, our only true feral, enjoys tormenting poor little Lilki.

Edie Fluff

Ivory disapproves of their behavior.

Ivory Girl Drama

Svengali doesn’t care much one way or the other and neither does Ebony but they’re boys.

Svengali Wicker 11.15

Eb Sun


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