Pomegranates in Autumn

Hum Pom 11.15

Before Autumn is over, even in Phoenix, this is what our pomegranate bush looks like when the leaves change and the fruit falls. Our pomegranates aren’t very flavorful but the birds seem to like them. One of our resident Anna’s Hummingbirds often perches in the bush.

Pom Bush

Pom Hang

Pom Sliced

Pom Halved 3

Pom Halved 2

Pom Macro

Pom Ground

Pom Ground Open

Hum Side

In a couple of months, the bush will begin to bud again.

Pom Buds

Pom Bloom_edited-1

Pom with Bug 4.25.15_edited-1

Pomegranate 2

This is a one minute video I put together of the pomegranate bush. If you ever want to make a slideshow video on YouTube, it’s really simple and fun.


4 responses to “Pomegranates in Autumn

  1. I had forgotten about the pomegranates. Now I miss them. I also miss all of the beautiful birds that you have around you.

  2. Nice grenade and very vitamin juice and also with tannin !!

  3. How fun to see to see your beautiful pomegranates – and what lucky birds you have.

  4. A very interesting series. I enjoyed seeing your video. You did a fine job of creating it,

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