Sappy and Happy

RB Sapsucker 5


I heard this Red-breasted Sapsucker was in a park in Scottsdale and even had directions to the exact tree he likes the best. As it was, he was in the tree across the path but two women were already photographing him so I didn’t even have to look for him. He’s an Arizona rarity as he is really a northern Pacific coast bird who likes coniferous forests. He’s settling for mesquite trees in Arizona for now.

RB Sapsucker 2

RB Sapsucker 3

He’s beautiful and totally cooperative as shutters click all around him.

RBSS face

RB Sapsucker 4

I have about 80 photos of him so he might reappear on my blog again someday. I then went to a nearby pond and saw 2 Mute Swans.

Mute Swan 12.15

And some Killdeer.


As if all that wasn’t exciting enough, I stopped at Granada Park on my way home and saw this cousin of the Red-breasted Sapsucker:

LB WoodpeckerLadder-backed Woodpecker

And, speaking of coniferous forests, this guy dropped by our Goldwater Pine just in time to wish everyone Happy Holidays!



4 thoughts on “Sappy and Happy

  1. Wonderful bird photos! Some of these guys I’ve never seen. Your Goldwater pine brought back memories. For several years we always bought a live one in a big pot, then planted it after Christmas in our yard. They turned out to be beautiful big trees!

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  2. It must be fun to see the usual bird show up and be that tame. I’m glad you could get extensive pictures for your blog. An interesting blog today too. You always come up with interesting posts.


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