Granada Winter

Canvasback DrakeCanvasback Duck, drake

Canvasback HenCanvasback Duck, hen

While not technically a lifer because I saw a female Canvasback last year, I had never seen a male Canvasback until I was at Granada Park recently. I love those red eyes.

It was a gloomy day so the water looked murky. I didn’t know what the following duck was until later and he isn’t a lifer either but I had never seen a juvenile Redhead before:

Redhead Juvie

Redhead Juvie 3

This is what he will look like when he grows up (from the same lake last year), another handsome duck:

Redhead Drop

Redhead 1

And because they are so often overlooked because they are common, yet really pretty:

Mallard PerfectionMallard, drake


BTGC FlyBlack-tailed Gnatcatcher

MockNorthern Mockingbird

Hum Red

Hum Chat

Hum Fly

HummerAnna’s Hummingbirds

BflyWestern Pygmy Blue


7 responses to “Granada Winter

  1. Brightened up my day. We’re waiting for ducks here. Eagles are already returning by the dozens. Thank you. Otherwise dingy here. D

  2. This blog earned a Bean Pat as blog pick of the day. Check it out at:

  3. These are wonderful, Candace.
    I just love Anna’s Hummingbird.
    What a sweet little one.

  4. Beautiful photos, Candace! Those are really handsome ducks. I love the hummers and look forward to their visits next summer, but I especially love the Mockingbird because they don’t visit here. I miss them.

  5. You do such a great capturing these beauties. I so do love the Gnat catcher!

  6. A fine collection of these remarkable ducks. I liked the addition of birds too. You always have very interesting posts.

  7. You feel a certain tranquility of this small world !! is this cool winter !! beautiful portraits, – Have a nice week end , Candace

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