Sparrow F Perch_edited-1

Sparrow F Fly_edited-1

Sparrow F Perch 2House Sparrow, female

If you saw my last 2 posts, I mentioned how my birding friend, Samantha, has pretty perches set up in her gorgeous yard where she hides food so the birds will provide great photo ops as they look for the goodies. So, although my yard is entirely different with quite a few trees, making it dark, I decided that if I had a perch or 2, I could get more attractive photos.

Well, I have my first perch!


It’s a piece of Lake Erie driftwood with several little holes and areas to hide peanuts and other delicious snacks. Then I realized that, in my case, having it be portable so that I could move it around my yard to take advantage of better sunlight, would be a plus. Tony kindly put it all together with a dowel and an old Christmas tree stand. Different angles and creative zooming (and cropping, if necessary) provide different views.

Thrasher 2 2.9.16

Thrasher Perch 2.9.16

Thrasher 3 2.9.16

Thrasher 4 2.9.16Curve-billed Thrasher

Sparrow 2.10.16

Sparrow Perch 2.10.16

Sparrow Perch 2.12.16House Sparrow, male

The only problem I have now is that only the Thrashers and House Sparrows will use the perch. I have halved oranges in the trees that other birds eat. I don’t want to put seed out because it will fall to the ground and the birds will forage for it which isn’t safe with cats around. Once I stock the perch, I stay outside to make sure the cats don’t get too interested (they don’t, they’re either sleeping or full) because I don’t think it’s right to lure birds into a dangerous situation. But I need more Bird Diversity!

Thrasher Drop Nut“Oops.”

Thrasher Mad“I lost my nut!”

Thrasher Mad B“Is there another one in there?”

Thrasher Mad C“Whew!”

And this is a little late (hope you had a good one) but it shows another angle of the perch:

Sparrow VD

Next time I’ll show a few other settings in my yard that provide somewhat attractive photo ops.

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