Spring Hummers

Hum 1.31.16

Hum Boy 1.25.16

Our yard has been buzzing lately with all these little guys and girls. It’s courtship, mating, and nesting season so they’re hitting the feeders constantly and zipping all around…fighting and chasing each other.

Hum Red Feeder

2 Hums

Hum 2.18.16“I hope I’m colorful enough to attract a mate.”

Hum Girl 1.25.16“He’s hot!”

Pete 2.9.16

These are all Anna’s Hummingbirds. The males are the colorful ones and the females are plainer but still very pretty.

Hummer Feed 2.13.16

Hummer 1.19.16

Hum Shadows 1.19.16

I haven’t seen any nests, they’re really tiny and hard to see but, unlike most people, I hope I don’t see any. I would just worry about the little babies. Often larger birds–of which we have plenty–will attack the nests. I know so many people who have been documenting baby hummers only to have something bad happen and then they’re heartbroken. And, although our outdoor cats aren’t much for tree climbing, if a baby hummer fell to the ground when they’re around, it probably won’t have a happy ending. So I would rather leave the nest watching to others.

HBird 3.8.16“See my tongue?”

Hum Boy 2 1.26.16

Hum Swing

After about a year, I’ve finally seen someone using the swing every now and then.

Hum Boy 1.26.16

Hum Boy Branch

Fly Feeder

Hum 2 1.6.15

Hum 1.10.16 again

DSC_8779_edited-1“Bye, gotta go chase someone!”

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5 thoughts on “Spring Hummers

  1. I love your hummer swing! I have only once ever seen a hummingbird nest and it had tiny ones inside. Someone else pointed out the nest to me so it wasn’t because I knew what to look for, they’re so wee.

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  2. Oh my goodness, all of these little sweethearts in one place!
    You really do such a wonderful job photographing them, Candace, and it is such a pleasure to see all of them here.


  3. Beautiful photos! It’s so good to see the hummers. They haven’t begun arriving here yet, but we usually have a half dozen around our house. I’ve seen them nest in a large lilac tree next to our garage: it’s pretty safe there for them.

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