Thrasher 3.8.16_edited-1Curve-billed Thrasher

In my yard lately…

Verdin 3.12.16

Verdin Orange 3.8.16Verdin

Swallowtail 3.6.16_edited-1

Swallowtail 2

Swallowtail 3Giant Swallowtail

Gila WPGila Woodpecker, male

This guy, above, is the 9th species I’ve seen partaking of the orange halves in our yard. If you want to feed some birds easily, try this.

Mock 3.8.16Northern Mockingbird

RCKI 2.9.15Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Towhee 3.12.16Abert’s Towhee

SkipperFiery Skipper

I’ve now added suet to my backyard bird enticements since it doesn’t seem to fall to the ground as they eat it (and encourage cats). Of course, the sparrows hog it.

SuetHouse Sparrows

Stripey UpStripey


Snoopy BlimpSnoopy


5 thoughts on “Fly-throughs

  1. Candace, your candid portraits of the verdin and the swallowtail are just masterful. Your photos led me to seek out more info on the verdin, esp., since we east coast-ers are not going to see them (unless we re-visit the southwest!!) Truly gorgeous shots – all of them. 🙂


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