Kinda More of the Same

Towhee PerchAbert’s Towhee

So, two exciting things happened in my yard yesterday~but they’re not really all that exciting 🙂 First, I finally got a different kind of bird on my perch! Previously only Curve-billed Thrashers and House Sparrows were brave enough to go after the hidden peanuts~at least when I was outside. Finally, the above Towhee was cooperative enough to sit there for a few seconds while I fired off some shots and he got his peanut as a reward.


BCHU 2Black-chinned Hummingbird

Second, a Black-chinned Hummingbird showed up! Last year, one came in May and stayed a few weeks so I wasn’t expecting any yet but was hoping one or more would show up this year. Unfortunately, their dapper purple collar is hard to capture unless the sun hits them just right, which it did not here. I never got good shots last year but I hope to this year before he goes on his merry way~or maybe he will stay. This type of hummer is smaller than the already tiny Anna’s Hummingbirds I usually post.

Thrasher Nut Perch

Thrash BalanceCurve-billed Thrasher

Mock BathNorthern Mockingbird


Finch Female

Finch Male 3.24.16

Finch OrangeHouse Finches, male and female

Gila 3.24.16

GW 1.9.16_edited-1Gila Woodpecker, male

And I never, ever get tired of these cutie-pies. They, along with Bushtits, Titmice, and Chickadees, are in the Paridae family. These guys are only found in the Southwest:

Verdin 3 3.22.16

Verdin 3.22.16 2Verdin

I had thought that when I retired, I would go out birding more but so many days I take my coffee out to the yard and wind up staying there, entertained by the locals. Lifers in my yard are few and far between,though, so I need to get out in the wild more!

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