The Magic Tunnel, etc.

Tunnel and Bldg_edited-1

I went to Dreamy Draw Recreation Area again the other day, part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve (past posts of mine from there 1, 2, 3). Dreamy Draw is the site of a purported 1947 UFO crash and it is said the dam was built to cover up the evidence. That may be urban legend but it is true that this area was full of mercury mines in the early 1900s and got its name from the “dreamy” miners who were affected by the toxins. At any rate, the place always gives me the slight creeps…

The tunnel goes under the freeway so hikers can easily get to the other part of the park. What you see on the other side is a dilapidated house in downtown Phoenix, a few miles away and a few years ago. I guess the mercury vapors are still floating around…or maybe it was the magic of Photoshop…

Dreamy Draw Dam_edited-1

This is the dam, above.


Metal Contraption

Spaceship debris?


Blurry Fence

This is an interesting article on the lore of Dreamy Draw.

Do you ever have a bunch of stray photos sitting on your desktop that don’t really go with anything else? I do and I’m trying to organize my photos today so I need to file these away.



This is not my photo. It’s a drone shot that my friend, Cynthia, sent me, taken on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, home of the Norfolk Pine, where she lives. It’s a very small island, owned by Australia, and 600 miles away from New Zealand. It’s where many of the Bounty mutineers settled and half of the current residents are their descendants. It also has a rich history of being a penal colony. Anyway, if you click on the photo, you can see her house on the left hand side with the red peaked roof. I wish I had a drone…


The following photos were taken in January, when my friend, Regina, who lives in Pittsburgh, was visiting Arizona. We had not seen each other in 40 years, since college days. I’ve posted photos from Sahuaro Ranch before (1, 2) but, on this particular day, I didn’t take many photos since Regina and I were catching up.


There are over 100 peacocks on the property as well as citrus orchards, a rose garden, chickens, and historic buildings. It’s a working farm, to some extent.


Siamese Orange

This park is owned by the City of Glendale. There are many feral cats on the property who are all neutered and fed and cared for by volunteers.

Palm Holes

Feather on Concrete

Brown Bunny

Bunnies, too.

Black Cat



4 thoughts on “The Magic Tunnel, etc.

  1. What a wonderful collection of images here, Candace.
    Yes, Dreamy Draw does sound a bit spooky, but it is also something I would love to explore! 🙂

    That drone shot is pretty amazing. I think as these things become more and more popular, we will start seeing a lot of drone images.


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