Sonoran Light

Spiral 1_edited-1

Eden Green

Eden Blue

Eden Light Red

Eden Purple

These pieces are part of Bruce Munro’s Sonoran Light exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden comprised of hundreds of miles of glowing fiber optics and many light-based installations.


30,000 individual spheres of light are on the butte and surrounding area. The work involved in assembling this installation is remarkable in itself (click to enlarge for more detail).

Cactus Thing


This dome is made of recycled plastic water bottles as is another exhibit called Water Towers (my photos weren’t good as these are all handheld but you can see a photo of it here).

Dome Close

We went on a Saturday night, not the best night as it was jam-packed with people. It was interesting to see but, honestly, I prefer the garden in its natural beauty and wasn’t that thrilled. I was glad members get in for free.


To me, this is much prettier (also from the Desert Botanical Garden):

Cactus Flower and Bees

Yellow Cactus Flower



Santa Catalina Barrel Cactus


Lavender Flower at DBG

It did provide me with a bird-free post, though, which I like to throw in every now and then.


6 thoughts on “Sonoran Light

  1. One of my favorite gardens. I visited the light exhibit as well and I agree with you – the REAL show are the plants and wildlife at the garden. Beautiful images.


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