The Heat is On

Sag Buds and Bloom

It was 100° this weekend but it wasn’t our first of the year. We’ve had a few the last couple of weeks. Starting today we have 4-5 days in the 90s so I hope to get out and catch a few more lifers or at least some pretty birds before 100°+ becomes the summer norm.

Leaf-footed Bug NymphsLeaf-footed Bug Nymphs on Hibiscus

Yard bird species #28 and #29:

Brewer's SparrowBrewer’s Sparrow

Phainopepla F_edited-1Phainopepla, female

Verdin Baby Orange

Verdin Baby Wings

Verdin SuetVerdin, juvenile

I’ve never seen the adult Verdins at the suet feeder but this little one loves suet and also hops around on the ground with the sparrows, something Verdins never do. I guess he/she is a free-thinking bird.

Finch F 5.7.16House Finch

Sparrow Baby

Baby SuetHouse Sparrow, fledgling

SparrowHouse Sparrow, juvenile

Baby Mock 5.7.16Northern Mockingbird, fledgling

Towhee ConcreteAbert’s Towhee

BCHU 5.7.16Black-chinned Hummingbird

GW 5.7.16Gila Woodpecker

The Backyard Mean Girls are more interested in bullying each other than chasing birds.

Edie 5.7.16Edie

Stripe SeriousStripey

Lilki Lou 4.14.16Lilki

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8 thoughts on “The Heat is On

  1. Candace, these are beautiful!
    If you should tire of the hot weather, we here on the east coast will gladly take some! We actually had snow flurries yesterday, and most of the spring plants are in stall mode. 😦 Crossing my fingers that things will change REAL soon.

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  2. I certainly don’t envy your roasty-toasty temps, but it would be wonderful if we could balance things out a bit. I still have my heat on! Another set of wonderful photos – those bugs are incredible. And it’s always nice to see kitty pix.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. And here I’ve been complaining that we’ve already had seven days that are 80+ degrees before the middle of May! Today was wonderfully cloudy and cool though.

    Liked by 1 person

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