Beating the Heat

Verdin Juvy Orange_edited-1Verdin, immature

Verdin Feeder 6.20.16Verdin, adult

More like trying to beat the heat. Everyone seems to be surviving but looking a little miserable and some of the birds are a little ragged-looking. We have a bird bath, a little pool, and many containers of water all around and the sprinklers go on everyday so they have access to plenty of water and shade.

Suet Melted

My no-melt suet…melted.

Mock BillNorthern Mockingbird (with bill deformity)

I wrote about this guy, above, back in April; he or she is still doing well and I see him often. We had a mini-dust storm and this empty nest blew out of my neighbor’s tree. I think it was this mockingbird’s nest as it is always flying into that tree.

Mock Nest

Sparrow 6.16.16

Sparrow 6.17.16

Sparrow BacksideHouse Sparrow, female

Hib Bud 6.1.16

Hib 2Hibiscus

My hibiscus has had tons of buds and blooms although they are slowing down now with the intense heat. I also haven’t seen many butterflies around. I did see 2 this morning but couldn’t get a good shot.


Hum Girl 6.20.16_edited-1

I don’t know if these female hummers are Anna’s or Black-chinned. Female hummingbirds are hard to distinguish. We have both kinds in our yard so I’m not sure but leaning toward Black-chinned. I’m open to correction, though.

Thrasher 2 6.14.16

Thrasher 6.17.16“I’m hot!!!!!!”

Thrasher 6.14.16Curve-billed Thrasher

Young Towhee 3

Young Towhee 2

Young TowheeAbert’s Towhee, immature

Dove Fortune

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Black Canyon City

Sag Flower

Sag Distance

Black Canyon City is about 50 miles from our house in central Phoenix. Today I felt like seeing something different and had hopes I would find some lifer birds (nope). I’ve never actually gone into the town before. It’s about 5° cooler there. If I had gone about 15 miles further north to Cordes Junction, it would have been about 10° cooler. Maybe next time.

Vermilion FlycatchersVermilion Flycatchers, female and male

Vermilion FVermilion Flycatcher, female

CW BCCCactus Wren

CW NestCactus Wren Nest (I think)

I do think I saw a lifer, a Summer Tanager, a bright rosy-red bird, but I didn’t get a photo and only got a brief look so I’m not positive. It flew onto private property so I couldn’t pursue it.

BCT Sign





BCC CarMy trusty companion of 9 years

It’s a really pretty area. Just south of Black Canyon City on I-17 is Rock Springs, a small touristy area that is very popular because of its pies…Rock Springs Cafe and General Store.

RS Sign


Lamps BCC

RSC Sign

So I brought one home…

Pie 2Chocolate Cream Pie

If you don’t see me around here for several more days, this is the reason…lack of photos due to this:

Weather 10 Day

Whirlwind Tour

Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock

Courthouse ButteCourthouse Butte

Bell RockBell Rock

Eagle RockEagle Rock

Snoopy RockSnoopy Rock

Snoopy was our “target” on the day trip we took to Sedona, Jerome, and Prescott last week with Tony’s sister and her husband (Terri and Jim), visiting from Illinois. We found him pretty quickly and went on to see other sights.

From Airport

From Airport 2

Look at all the houses all over Sedona now! Every time we go, there are more and more houses 😦 littering the lovely landscape.

This was not a birding trip and I didn’t bring my long lens but I was still excited when Jim noticed a flash of blue. It was a beautiful Mountain Scrub Jay, a lifer!

Western Scrub Jay

Jay with Bee

I think he/she has babies tucked away in this little cave. See the bee? I think it became a meal a second later.

W Scrub Jay 3

Not everyone gets to see the elusive Sedona Red Rock bird:

Sedona Bird_edited-1

Then we were on to Jerome. Jerome is a former copper mining town turned ghost town turned artist/biker town turned tourist town. I used to find it very quaint; this time it just seemed more junky to me. Maybe it was just me. The drive up and down is still beautiful, though, complete with many switchbacks.

Building Facade Crop

Connor Hotel

Jerome Gated

Gated Bldg 2

Weiner Dog


There are three wildfires burning now, the view from Jerome of one of them. That is why the sky is hazy in the Sedona photos…

On to Prescott:

Common Raven PrescottCommon Raven

I’ve never been this close to a raven, I guess, because I was shocked it was so huge! It also had a friend in a nearby tree in Prescott’s square. They were very bold; snacks must be bountiful when the tourists are around.

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Unexcused Absence

EC DoveEurasian Collared-Dove

3 IncasInca Doves

Oops, I didn’t mean to be gone for so long. I haven’t been out birding much lately due to household issues and numerous chores. Now it’s starting to get really hot (117° coming up this weekend) so I hope I can motivate myself to get back out there or it will be a long, blogless summer.

Fortunately, I have a few recent photos laying around taken in various places, including my yard.

Sag Nest

Thrasher FaceCurve-billed Thrasher

MockNorthern Mockingbird

RWBB MRed-winged Blackbird, male


BCHU BackBlack-chinned Hummingbird

Nest 2_edited-1

Nest 1_edited-1