The Hippie Tree

Hippy Long Shot_edited-1

If I waited until it was pleasant outside before I took any photos, it might be a looong time, so I forced myself to make a small effort in my hot and humid backyard today. This is a Mesquite tree but it’s our Hippie Tree. Many bird-attracting or bird-photo-enhancing things hang in this tree in our far backyard. It has also become the place to hang some found objects or things I don’t want anywhere else. I’m sure the collection will grow. The Mesquite provides shade, of course, but also has edible pods and tasty insects, too, or so the birds indicate. It’s an active area.

H FeederOne of our 4 hummingbird feeders

BCHU 3.26.16Black-chinned Hummingbird, male

HBird 3.8.16Anna’s Hummingbird, female

HouseA little feeder stocked with leftover fruit and peanuts

DriftwoodA piece of driftwood

Pine Cone PBA peanut butter-covered pine cone

SuetSuet feeder

CatsSome cats

Orange 1Orange half #1

OCWA Orange 2.16.16Orange-crowned Warbler

SquigglyA found squiggly

StarA Macy’s gift card star

SwingA hummingbird swing, rarely used

Hum SwingAnna’s Hummingbird, male

WindchimesWindchimes, of course

MobileA mobile

Orange 2Orange half #2

Verdin Orange 1.19.15Verdin

CableAluminum utility cable found in the alley, now a perch

PerchThe perch, stocked with peanuts

A few of my favorite perch shots:

Thrasher 3.8.16_edited-1

Thrash Perch 4.2.16Curve-billed Thrasher

Towhee PerchAbert’s Towhee

Sparrow LandHouse Sparrow, male

Sparrow F Fly_edited-1House Sparrow, female

And this is the “bistro,” where I (and occasionally, Tony) sit and watch the birds in the Mesquite, under the shade of the Goldwater Pine.


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7 thoughts on “The Hippie Tree

  1. Oh how I delight in the idea of your hippie tree! I’m sure those oranges are especially wonderful treats during your crazy hot weather. As always, wonderful photos – I feel like I’m joining you at your little bistro.


  2. It’s pretty cool to have a tree like that where you can hang so many things. I have just conifers here and they are not conducive to that kind of thing. Popular with the birds though.


  3. I like your posts because they contrain so many bird pictures and all the hanging devices to help attract birds. Your blog is first class.


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