Anna's 7.30.16Anna’s Hummingbird, male

A ragbag of photos, that is. There’s no theme here. These first few photos were taken in my yard over the last couple of days.

Verdin Orange 8.2.16Verdin

Thrasher PeanutCurve-billed Thrasher

Here’s my nod to Rio ~ Olympic High Dive: Olympic_rings_without_rims.svg

Thrasher Dive

Cicada Exo 1_edited-1Cicada Exoskeleton

Blue Mud DauberBlue Mud Dauber

HBird F 8.2.16Anna’s Hummingbird, female

I went out birding twice in the last two weeks and I had a target bird each time but didn’t get either! It’s sort of hard to find one specific bird among a whole bunch of trees…at least for me.

I went to Mountain View Park in Scottsdale, where I have gone many times in the past as it is close to where I used to work. I was in search of a pair of American Robins who have been nesting there all summer. The park was much larger than I knew before and I never saw a Robin. This is the only semi-decent shot I got:

Gilded Flicker MVGilded Flicker, male

Then I went to a cemetery in Scottsdale a few days later, also another place I’ve been before. Everyday on the Maricopa Rare Bird Alert, this place is mentioned as having a Tropical Kingbird hanging out there. It would have been a lifer. But, no, I didn’t see it. All I saw was this guy/girl and its friend:

Swan 7.31.16Mute Swan

And this. Not until I looked at my photos on my computer did I see who was lurking underneath. You might have to click the photo to enlarge.

Mushroom Fairy_edited-1

Fairies are a lot hotter now than when I was growing up.

We had a monster storm last night, one of those 100 year or 500 year monsoons, whichever they decide it was. We got almost 3 inches of rain in about an hour and it made a huge mess although we didn’t sustain any actual damage. I did find this nest with an egg nearby that had fallen out of our giant pine tree. It’s now on our shed under a branch but I doubt it’s viable after falling and being out in the rain and baking sun for 18 hours before I found it. I think it must be either a House Sparrow or a House Finch.

Nest Storm

And speaking of mushrooms, this wet piece of wood has these sprouting out of it after the storm. Not for dinner.

Shrooms on Wood


5 thoughts on “Ragbag

  1. Love the Olympic high dive photo!

    I also had to chuckle over having to go in search of robins, and failing. It’s so easy to forget geographical differences in bird populations and that what I take for granted isn’t common elsewhere. Around here if you want to see a robin, just go anywhere there’s some lawn and you’ll probably see one looking for worms.


  2. Wow – that’s quite a storm, but I’m sure everything was refreshed by all that rain. Love the shroom photos, and how clever of you to get that picture of the fairy. You’ve clearly got a very special lens!

    I confess I’m always a little bit creeped out by cicada exoskeletons.

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