Silver Beach

Umbrellas 1


Both Piers

These are the St. Joseph Lighthouses on Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan. The North Pier has 2 lighthouses, both over 100 years old, but which have replaced previous lighthouses prior to that. The South Pier, which is the one I was on, has a conduit light at the end, not in a lighthouse, but in a little lookout tower.


The city of St. Joe now owns the lights and they are fully operational, all 3 of them. They were renovated in 2015 for over $1 million. The piers at St. Joseph and Grand Haven are the only ones on the Great Lakes that retain their range lights and catwalks. The St. Joseph Pier Lights were featured on a postage stamp issued in 1995.


Lighthouses fascinate me. You can read more about the history of these lights and see what the lighthouses look like in the winter here.


Coming In


Pier Mural

Big M

Work Hard

Friends 2

This is the South Pier, where the conduit light is located, at the top of the pole above. You can see that the pier has no fencing so you have to be careful to not be swept away when the waters are rough. It happens a few times a year when people are careless or overly daring.

Waves on Pier

South Pier

Looking back to land from the end of the South Pier. The North Pier is to the left.

Triangle Trees

RB GullRing-billed Gull

No Swimming

RB Gull 2

Atlantic Look

Umbrellas 2

If I ever wanted to live in the midwest again (and I don’t), it would be in St. Joe. But, next best thing, they have a livestream going all the time so I can check out the lighthouses any time, day or night. I mostly look forward to nice Arizona winter days in the 70s, looking at the ice-covered lighthouses. You can see the livestream here.

I blogged about St. Joe a few years ago here.

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8 thoughts on “Silver Beach

  1. Those light houses are beautiful! I’m glad to see that they are being protected!

    A light house saved my life one day while I was SCUBA diving off Cape Lookout on the North Carolina coast. I inadvertently strayed so far off shore that when I surfaced I couldn’t see land. I then rode the crests of the waves and was finally able to make out the big light house at the cape and was then OK.

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  2. How interesting. I got nervous just looking at the unfenced pier – I could easily picture myself tripping even in calm weather and being washed away. And I could barely look at the ice-covered photos – it’s too early to indulge in reminders that winter’s harsh breath will be upon us soon. So glad you got another chance to visit someplace you like, and share the photos with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. very interesting — I too have always been intrigued by lighthouses — must be my connection to the sea. Some good books in which lighthouses bear a primary spot (All the Light we Cannot See & Light Between Oceans for ex.). You now have me intrigued about the ice covered lighthouse!

    Liked by 1 person

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