B-flies and D-flies



mournful-duskywing-3-againMournful Duskywing

The little skipper, above, is a first for my yard, and I love its name. I have now been back from the midwest for a couple weeks and trying to accumulate some birds and other critters for blog posts. All of these skippers have been in my yard lately but I’ve seen few other butterflies around which seems unusual. Hopefully, they will start up soon.

roseate-skimmer-gwrRoseate Skimmer

The dragonfly photos were taken at either Gilbert Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch or Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix…while searching for birds, pretty much unsuccessfully.

skipper-grayEufala Skipper



mexican-amberwing-gwr_edited-2Mexican Amberwing



skipper-8-27-16Fiery Skipper


Fall is on its way…can’t wait.


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