Nature in My Yard


thrasher-look-up-10-21-16Curve-billed Thrasher



towhee-3-10-21-16Abert’s Towhee

The 2 species of birds, above, are among my favorite yard birds, and they both have been kind enough to pose on my perch.

Here’s the “nature” part of this post. The American Kestrel who drops by fairly often was dining on a Yellow-rumped Warbler the other day. I know raptors need to eat but I always feel bad when nature takes its course anyway. The Yellow-rumped Warblers are just returning to town for the winter so this winter visitor didn’t get the welcome it wanted. 😦




I have yet to see one this year so I hope this guy doesn’t eat all of them. Here are a couple more of my year-round favorite yard birds (and I hope they don’t get devoured).





hum-2-10-18-16Anna’s Hummingbird

gila-mw-1Gila Woodpecker, female


5 responses to “Nature in My Yard

  1. You really get a nice variety of visitors! I enjoy seeing many that just don’t make their way up here.

  2. Seattle Park Lover

    I feel bad for the warbler, but you got some great photos out of it.

  3. A fine series of birds again. Nature can seem so rough even though the animal is just doing what it takes to survive.

  4. I so know what you mean about nature “taking its course,” Candace. I do not like to see that either. Poor little fella.

    As always, such wonderful photographs of your feathered friends, here. About all that are left here now are the blue jays and the doves. I do see a couple of little tiny “guys” once in a while down near the pond, but I do not know what kind of birds they are.

    You have a great week!

  5. Candace, did you photograph the love bird ?

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