Goldwater Lake

Acorn Woodpecker, female

If you don’t live in the purple range below at an elevation over 4500 feet, maybe you’ve never seen one of these comical woodpeckers before. I hadn’t~at least not since I’ve been paying attention to birds. So I was excited to see a lot of them the other day when we went to Goldwater Lake in Prescott, AZ.

This is a granary tree, above, the main food storage “pantry” created and used by communal groups of these fascinating woodpeckers. They have a complex social system where family groups hold territories, and young woodpeckers stay with their parents for several years and help the parents raise more young. Several different individuals of each sex may breed within one family, with up to seven breeding males and three breeding females in one group (Cornell Lab). There can be up to 50,000 holes in one tree!

Acorn Woodpecker, male

This whole area was very birdy and beautiful! The dam separates the upper and lower lakes.

Western Bluebird, female

Western Bluebird, male

The Bluebirds were also lifers and the female was very accommodating. I have many shots of her. Also easy to photograph were the Juncos. I got a new subspecies, below. I also got another lifer, a Bridled Titmouse, but my photos are very blurry.

Dark-eyed Junco, Red-backed

This is actually a Prescott city park but it is part of Prescott National Forest. Nice trails.

Common Raven, snacking

Ruddy Duck, with blue bill in breeding plumage

White-breasted Nuthatch

American Robin

Mallard, drake

Great Blue Heron

Chipping Sparrow

Marine Blue Butterfly

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8 thoughts on “Goldwater Lake

  1. Beautiful place. It reminds me a lot of the areas around Spokane at the eastern edge of Washington. Neat info about the acorn woodpeckers. They are such a cool looking bird. (I’ve only seen photos.) I had no idea there was a junco that looked like that. Quite dapper, as most juncos are.

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  2. I truly am always delighted to see your photos and hear about your wonderful sighting adventures. The hole-y tree is amazing as are the creatures who created it.
    BTW, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it – your photos are getting better and better and better, and for someone with an unskilled eye like mine to notice it’s a big thing. Kudos to you!

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  3. These are wonderful, Candace.
    Especially that little male bluebird. What a beautiful bird.
    I “ran into” a woodpecker the other day while out running. He was pecking on a stop sign that I ran under. WOW, was it loud. Scared me to death!
    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

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  4. Gorgeous photos, Candace. I started “backyard birdwatching” recently here in New Jersey, and so far, I’ve seen a great many stunning little woodpeckers at my suet feeder! The male pileated woodpecker is probably the most stunning we’ve had (not to mention – the loudest!) 😊 Love all your pics ^ – so fabulous!

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