Phoenix 150

Rosy-faced Lovebird, juvenile

Gila Woodpecker

House Finch family

Brown-headed Cowbird

Gambel’s Quail, male

I have a few photos saved up for times like these, the dog days of summer, when it’s just too hot to get motivated to go anywhere. By using these five photos, all taken in local parks (above), I am drastically depleting my reserve. So we have to get back on the road again very soon…

We traded Tony’s 2003 Mustang, which needed some expensive work, in and got a new-to-us Ford Escape. We had been using my car for our day trips but we really needed more clearance for some of the rougher roads.

We have a lot of pets, including a diabetic cat that needs insulin every 12 hours so it’s easiest for us to go on day trips since it would be a lot to require of a pet-sitter. It’s best if the places we go are less than 2.5 hours away so we can spend a few hours at our destination before heading home. I used this online tool ( to draw a radius of 150 miles around Phoenix to see what all might be included. But I noticed that these distances are “as the crow flies” and to really get to some of them would take up to 4 hours or so depending on the roads.

So I modified the parameters to 150 minutes from Phoenix, driving an average of 70 mph, and came up with this map, below:

Fortunately, there are a lot of beautiful places within these boundaries and we need to get exploring. There are birds and all sorts of fascinating things out there.

Here’s Google, our diabetic cat, posing as a Currency Manipulator. He’s doing well, having been diabetic for almost 2 years now.



4 thoughts on “Phoenix 150

  1. I like your way of thinking! It’s a lot like the way I began to investigate and discover that area when I first moved there in 1968. I bought a little MG that got pretty good gas mileage and had decent ground clearance, and I would travel in all directions as time permitted, sometimes just following or avoiding local weather patterns, then later explored with an old Toyota Landcruiser which opened up the real back country. I don’t think I could stand the huge number people in that area now, but I still have a deep love for Arizona, its desert and its mountains.


  2. That’s a great idea to set a radius by travel time and then look to see what there is to explore within that area. I have to say you’re gung ho with the 2.5 hour limit too. It’s not a horribly long drive, but my problem is that if I do a bunch of stuff along the way or at the destination, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is make the 2+ hour drive back home again!

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  3. Awwwww, Google is just adorable, Candace, and I know the restrictions that a sick pet can create. My little dog has Addison’s Disease, and needs medication daily, so we have to do the same as far as planning to travel. Sometimes he goes with us, but being away from home seems to stress him (not good with Addison’s), so we try to do any traveling in less than 24 hours. Still, though, I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

    I am going to try this map tool. It looks really useful.

    Thank you for sharing, Congratulations on your new car, and have a wonderful weekend!


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