Stifling, Stagnant, Sticky

Southern Dogface

It sure is hot here in Phoenix. We hit 115 and 116 last week. This week it’s just down to 110 or so. Too miserable to venture out much but I was glad to see two of these butterflies cavorting around together. I’m not seeing many butterflies lately. I imagine it’s hard on everyone. The birds sure manage to look pretty pathetic.

Gila Woodpeckers
Abert’s Towhee
Anna’s Hummingbird

Curve-billed ThrashersEurasian Collared-Dove
Verdins, adult and juvenileNorthern Mockingbird

Here’s our humor for the day. Spotted by Tony while we were grocery shopping. We didn’t have a phone with camera with us so we had to buy it:


4 thoughts on “Stifling, Stagnant, Sticky

  1. Ouch – I’m getting burns just thinking about your temps. Such lovely butterfly photos. I’m actually seeing more butterflies this year than in a great many previous years. We have a hybrid lilac that blooms several times from spring to fall, and it’s in it’s second bloom now and the butterflies are crazy about it. Such a delight to watch!

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  2. That’s just too hot! It is amazing that birds can survive the extremes of temperature. We don’t get quite that hot here, but our native birds see 100 sometimes in the summer and -24 in the winter.

    I love your photo of the tomatoes: truth in advertising.

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  3. That second image of the butterfly is superb! Though all the photos of the birds are really nice. I love the sense of humour with the can of crushed tomatoes!


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