Robin 4

I knew my next post–this one–was going to be my 800th so I thought it should be something special. However, I haven’t had anything particularly special to show so I figured I’d better do it now or I’ll totally get out of the blogging habit like so many of my original blogging friends seem to have done.

This bird probably doesn’t look very exciting to a lot of you and American Robins are pretty common in much of the U.S. However, they are not very common at all in the Phoenix area so I was totally shocked one day to see this guy in our yard. He’s an immature robin. He hung around all day, dipping in the bird bath, flying here and there. I thought he might stick around awhile but he was gone the next morning. I guess he was just passing through. This was yard bird species #48!

Robin 5

Robin 6

Robin 2

On another extremely hot day, there wasn’t much activity in the yard so I made an effort to find a few things…

Pine Cone Pot_edited-1

Gila FeatherGila Woodpecker Feather

Egg Feather

Skipper Fly Blur

Lantana Fluff

Sitting out in the yard for very long is not appealing when it hits 115° some days and 105° on a “nice” day so checking up on my little yard friends is sporadic and brief.

Thrasher 8.3.19Curve-billed Thrasher

Anna's 6.23.19Anna’s Hummingbird, male

BCHU F 8.3.19Black-chinned Hummingbird, female

Verdin Open Mouth

Verdin Feet In OrangeVerdins, adult and juvenile

This cute little cat drops by every few weeks and meows very pitifully. I thought she was homeless and would probably wind up joining our group at some point but she disappears for long periods of time and looks healthy so I’m hoping she has a home closeby.

Mystery Cat

So on to 900 now but that won’t be for a couple years…


10 thoughts on “800!

  1. Congratulations on your 800th post, Candace! I think these birds are quite fascinating – I’ve never had such a good look at an immature robin – and the little meower certainly intrigues me!

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    1. Congrats on your 800th blog.
      Your personal persistence is remarkable. You’re right, most of my blogging friends are long gone. Even if you love it it’s work involved. Your hard work is appreciated. I learned a lot too.

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  2. I’m reading “The Feather Thief” right now. Very interesting about how so many birds were killed for their feathers — some still are — and how many species of birds went extinct because of the mass killings. It’s because of this the Audubon Society was formed, among others.

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  3. These are especially nice pictures of the young Robin! They are very common here, but I never take them for granted. My father pointed it out (and I have encountered it hundreds of times) that the Robin has a special song it sings when a Thunder storm is approaching.

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