Quarantine Times

One of my quarantine projects was to make Chocolate Mint Infused Vodka. I steeped the leaves in vodka for a week and thought it would make a tasty drink. I was wrong. It was not very good. However, I poured a bunch of Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce and a little simple syrup into it and it actually is quite a good liqueur now. Would I do it again? I don’t think so…

But it turns out that Chocolate Mint Tea is quite tasty: minty and refreshing on a hot summer day (which is what Phoenix is now having). Also amazingly tasty, with a light floral taste, is Geranium Tea:

Both of those will become regulars as long as I have leaves to harvest. Disclaimer: only geraniums that have scented leaves are edible. If they don’t have a scent, don’t use them! I also found a Geranium Cake recipe and tried that:

Tony made a delicious lemon glaze to put on the top. It’s really quite a good cake; you can subtly taste the geranium and the lemon complements it nicely. The basic recipe I used is here. It’s a nice, light cake but I’m not sure I would do it again. It’s good but there are other cakes that are better. Next I may try a chocolate cake with a hint of mint: by baking the leaves like I did for the geranium cake.

Tony also has been cooking and baking. He’s a far better cook than me and here are a few things he has done during the quarantine.

Lasagna, Pizza (he makes his own dough), and Pizzelles!

Gotta do something to kill time during a quarantine and it’s fun to try to harvest things I have growing in the yard. So, in that vein, I bought a raised planter online (from Home Depot).

It’s made of resin, has a drain plug, a water level gauge, a removable seed tray (which I probably won’t use much), a shelf below. It’s nice, here’s the link. I just hope the cats don’t try to jump into it. I have it on our uncovered patio where it will get sun for part of the day but we also have an umbrella in case the Phoenix sun gets too intense. I know summer may be difficult for some of these plants but, hopefully, they will bounce back in the fall. So far I only have Spanish Lavender and 2 small Basil plants in there. I’m hoping the lavender will get really large. Then I can make Lavender Tea, too, and maybe Lavender Cake although it’s apparently hard to get a cake that doesn’t taste like soap…yum. Maybe some sachets would be better…

And that’s what I’ve been doing. Stay home, save lives.

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Times

  1. Oh my – all these things look wonderful. I”d love to have tried that geranium cake, and I haven’t had Pizzelles since we were kids. How fun. Your lavender plant looks lovely, and I vote you give dark chocolate honey lavender truffles a try – definitely not soapy tasting.

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