More of the Same

Since March 13, other than going to stores only when necessary, I have seen 2 people…a friend I’ve met in a park about 4 times and my husband. I’ve briefly spoken to a couple neighbors from a distance and waved at a couple others. That’s been my boring life and, now with Arizona having a huge spike in Covid-19 cases because of reopening too soon, I guess that’s all I’m going to be doing for quite a while. And now it’s too hot to meet my friend in the park so that’s over. The above 3 photos were from when I met her the other day.

Everything else is from our yard which is also very hot now but it’s my only outlet. Things suck pretty bad here but I’m glad some of these guys drop by.

Inca Dove

Female and male Gila Woodpeckers

Female and male Anna’s Hummingbirds

Verdins, adult and fledgling

My companion, Ferguson
Northern Mockingbird fledgling
Curve-billed Thrasher
House Finch, immature

I hope your life is more interesting than mine unless you’re in a Covid hotspot…then I guess our lives should be boring. Maybe someday it will improve…doesn’t seem like it can happen for a loooong time, though.

7 thoughts on “More of the Same

  1. Beautiful birds and kitties and surroundings . . . we are isolated too although we do go back and forth between two homes that had both been in isolation since last fall’s flu season began, and just stayed that way when Covid came along. The case count is rising sharply here, also due to re-opening too soon, and some individuals who refuse to take precautions.

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  2. I’m sorry things are so bad with the pandemic in your area. We’ve been so fortunate to have such great leadership both on a national level but moreso right here in our province.
    I’m delighted to see how the orange halves are feeding and drawing in a variety of species. Since moving to the new place, the trees are not mature here so I don’t have an ideal spot yet for things like orange halves. Even though all the plantings are so young, we are still attracting a nice range of birdlife. Last week I was delighted to see a family of quail in our back yard — one of my favourites.

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    1. It must be nice to have good leadership…something we are tragically lacking in the U.S. and also in my state. So fun to get a variety of birds!


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