Escape to Scottsdale

The above images of a Great Blue Heron and a tiny Verdin were taken at Indian School Park in Scottsdale where I had hoped to find a rarity reported there, a Magnolia Warbler, but did not. I actually do think I caught a fleeting glimpse of it from underneath but not enough to be sure so it will not be added to my life list. It was miserably hot so I sat in my car hoping someone else would come along and help me find it but no one did.

A few days later, it was slightly cooler in the morning so I met a friend while socially distanced at another park, Scottsdale Rotary Park. We sat and talked for a couple hours and I really only got these photos of a Say’s Phoebe:

As it warmed up, I stopped at one of my favorite parks, Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden, where I have found some lovely birds in the past. I didn’t stay too long because of the miserable heat we are still experiencing here in the Phoenix area but here are a few shots;

Bewick’s Wren
Gila Woodpecker, male
Say’s Phoebe
Rosy-faced Lovebird

Like everyone else here, I can’t wait until it’s cool and I can at least go out to parks amidst this stupid pandemic…maybe next week.

Meanwhile, back at home, here are a few shots of doves, not my favorite birds although the little Inca Doves (first 2 shots) are sweet:

And I thought this dove looked slightly angelic:

Eurasian Collared-Dove

Also seen flying around the Phoenix area:

6 thoughts on “Escape to Scottsdale

      1. Ours was a one person bird. He’d been my mother’s, but I picked him out for her and bought him when he was just a baby. When she died after having him for nine years. I brought him to my house, and I had him for fifteen years. He couldn’t come out of his cage because of my cats, but I used to put my hand inside his cage. He’d climb inside my hand, and I’d hold him and talk to him. I don’t know if he remembered me or if it was because I sound like my mom but he was my bird. He didn’t like anyone else. He tried to bite my husband and sons! I miss him. He was a cute little guy.


  1. OH my!! I just wrote an entire post about seeing halos in artworks, and here I come to your blog candace and see how you captured this stunning Eurasian collared-dove, and added a halo!! Fantastic! Hope you and yours are weathering the pandemic ok and as always, I enjoy your posts. 🙂

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