We have several cats and they’re all really cute but Ferguson is the most cooperative for picture-taking. He does look a bit annoyed but he handled the boa better than any of the others would have.

So…everything is pretty blah in my life right now. I won’t go into details–how boring–but I’m sure we all have issues right now. We made a seed wreath to attract the Rosy-faced Lovebirds to the yard. They were very gung-ho the first few days but now they don’t seem to come around as much.

Here’s a link to the recipe we used. Pretty easy.

They sure are cute and loud.

Inca Dove

Lesser Goldfinch, female
Anna’s Hummingbird on Lavender

We did go to Reach 11, a recreational trail, in Phoenix, a few weeks ago. Not many birds that day…but this poor old Saguaro keeps standing. A lot of birds use it for nesting in the spring so hope it holds up.

And a couple months ago I was at a park along the Rio Salado and saw these 2 duck friends…a Domestic and a colorful Muscovy.

And that pretty much concludes this post. Hope life picks up for us all soon. Stay safe!

7 thoughts on “Blah

  1. Wonderful pictures of beautiful birds and fascinating scenery! And Ferguson’s Valentine pictures are really cute!
    I always feel blah this time of year myself, weary of winter, and the pandemic makes everything extra difficult.
    Meows and Purrs from us, Leah

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  2. Some lovely photos Candace. Boy do I ever relate to how you’re feeling right now. I’m so pandemic-fatigued. We’ve been so ‘good’ in terms of compliance but I’m getting sick of it. I’ve been buying too many film cameras, film (egads that stuff is expensive), and other unnecessary distractions. Geez that saguaro looks unstable!


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