The Wayside

I think my poor blog has gone by the wayside. I didn’t post for a month due to having to be out of town and dealing with family issues and, now that I wanted to post again, I can’t seem to post any images without a big black box. Maybe I’m not meant to blog anymore…I can’t figure it out, I’ve written to WordPress to see if they can help but, if not, I guess this is the end of Glenrosa Journeys. Thank you for reading.

Update: It’s a Safari bug! If I use Firefox, it works.

See you soon…

5 thoughts on “The Wayside

  1. They’ve changed the editing system of posts to what they call the Block Editor and what most users call the “Blockhead” editor. You can get back to the Classic Editor though. If you click on “All Posts”: instead of “New post” you get the option to use either editor at the top of the page. If that has stopped working, contact the wordpress help folks and they’ll tell you a way to do it. HTH


    1. I know but I’ve been using the Block Editor for a long time now with no issues. Now if I go back to the Classic Editor, it seems cumbersome…I just don’t understand what happened since June 1, the last time I posted. Every time I post an image, it turns black below it so I can’t enter any text. Ugh, I don’t have time to mess with it now but I hope it can be resolved. Thank you, Leah.

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