It Was a Bug!

Yes, that Verdin has some creepy insect in its mouth that I don’t want to share. But the actual bug I’m talking about is the bug that my blog seemed to have. I wrote to WordPress and they said that it’s a Safari bug so I’m now writing this on Firefox and everything seems to be okay…so~whew!~my blog won’t be disappearing yet.

I know people don’t read blogs as much as they used to…maybe it’s a dying breed. I don’t even read them as much as I used to but I do like having this record of part of my life that I can refer back to. So, in many ways, the blog is for me. I used to read so many blogs and had far more readers but they dropped off the radar one by one, switching to Facebook or Instagram or just not doing it at all anymore…I miss it, you don’t get the same depth from Facebook and Instagram posts…oh, well…glad I don’t have to disappear just yet.

The Rosy-faced Lovebirds are not hanging around as much as they were when it was cooler. In fact, the birds are much sparser now but I do still see many of them. I just don’t sit out in my yard like I used to when it’s this hot.

Some Sunflowers Remain

Some bit the dust.

A White-winged Dove, immature Abert’s Towhee, and Anna’s Hummingbird male attempt to keep cool one way or another.

Smoke from all the wildfires surrounding Phoenix made the moon appear just the color it is in this photo on a recent June night.

I dug out my old vintage photo collection from last year and was going to do something new with it but so far the inspiration hasn’t hit…indoor activities are best right now…this was how far I got with it last year.

Okay, you asked (not really), here are some new cat photos:

This is Ferguson enacting some scenes from my favorite ever Netflix series, The Magicians.


And another apparent addition to our outside group, Sadly Sad Eyes…a handsome, feral guy:

Keep cool!

3 thoughts on “It Was a Bug!

  1. I had to really hunt to see where I could leave a note for you. I agree with you completely about blogging. I still blog and people have dropped off over the years, a few others have ‘found me’ but everyone seems to have moved to Facebook and Instagram, neither of which I care for. I totally quit FB and am now hardly ever at IG but, my son really wishes for me to keep using IG. For now, I will … occasionally. Blogs are so much better. In every way. Photos show better. It’s a great personal space for updates or things we enjoy, or simply to share our passions. I too don’t visit blogs as often as I used to. I find that the time spent to go around to blogs every day is too much. But I definitely do go blog visiting when the mood strikes or if I have some time and want to see what others are up to. I’m glad you decided to continue to blog.


    1. Thanks, Diane. I was kind of sad when I couldn’t blog anymore but relieved when I found I could do it on a different browser…a bit tedious but I only blog once or twice a month now usually so I guess I can put up with it. I do miss seeing as many blogs as I used to, too. I do use FB more than I should and I look at IG but don’t really post much there myself. There’s just not much depth there…thank you for visiting!


  2. Your cat and bird pictures are so excellent and often informative. I really look forward to them and would miss them, if they were gone. You have seen more birds than I ever have or hope to see. I hope that you continue to give us a taste of wildlife out west.


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