Hello. I have returned from my unpleasant trip to Indiana to clean my mother’s house out and list it on the market as she is now in a group home with severe dementia. The cleaning out is done, my private buyer fell through the day before closing, and I feel like I really didn’t do justice to her treasured possessions. But I live 2,000 miles away and am an only child, doing it on my own, so I did the best I could. There were many unpleasant tasks and events while I was there but I’m back in Arizona now and can do the sale of the house from here, fortunately.

My only outing was with a friend to St. Joseph, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan. It was a great day with choppy waters. St. Joe is my favorite place to go while back there.

I did get one lifer there, amazingly, a Sanderling. There were several around.

And many Ring-billed Gulls:

I did go to a park where I’ve had good birding luck before but not this time. It was a little late in the day and I didn’t have my long lens with me so no shots. Other than that, I only saw a few animals in my mother’s neighborhood.

That is an Eastern Cottontail, a Groundhog, a Fox Squirrel, and an Eastern Chipmunk. Now I’m ready to sit in the backyard and reacquaint myself with my local birds and hope a few migratory ones drop in, too.

This is the St. Joseph River as seen from St. Patrick’s County Park.

Oh, and an American Crow. They are everywhere back there.

15 thoughts on “Returned!

  1. I’m sorry that you have to deal with this. I had to do the same with my mother’s house and things sixteen years ago. It hurt to look around her house with everything just as she left it when she had a stroke. She never went home again and died two months later. So sad that our things are just that – things. And they don’t mean much to anyone else. Her whole life was in that house. I feel your pain.

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  2. Glad you were able to go back and take care of it. Must be heart wrenching to try to go through her not being herself, and then lose her. It’s such a tough journey. You did a nice job at finding the good in your photos. Donba

    I am doing the same.

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  3. Sorry I didn’t respond back in October. I know how difficult that is. I had to do something similar when my mom died and I lived so far away. I used a realtor and that made that part of the process mostly stress-free since I was so busy sorting through everything, packing up, and moving everything out. I too was an only child so I certainly understand how difficult this must have been.
    I absolutely adore the photos you took, especially those at Lake Michigan.


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