Camp Kitty PawPaw

One of my kitties, Bouche, Panning for Gold.

So…it’s summer in Phoenix and it’s hot so it’s time to find some little diversions from “normal” life, if there is such a thing anymore. So this is Camp Kitty PawPaw, where good kitties spend their summers…

Day 1

Summer is here and the first campers are arriving at Camp Kitty PawPaw. Here’s a look at part of the campsite.

The fire pit is ready to be lit for the nightly meow-a-long.

Callie and Bouche check out the accommodations.

“Looks like a one-cat tent to me,” Callie observes.

Bouche kindly lets Callie have that tent and waits to see where he is going to sleep after a fun-filled day.

Bouche doesn’t mind at all just sleeping with his brother, Tufty, under the clear desert sky. “That’s what roughing it is all about!”

Day 5

The day dawned cool at Camp Kitty PawPaw but the temps were going to go over 100 in the afternoon so the campers needed to grab all the gusto while they could.

“Wake up, ya bums, it’s time for breakfast,” yelled the camp bully, Bouche. 

“That was a short night,” Callie grumbled.

“Sure was,” replied Kitt from the Bunkhouse.

“Is camp over yet?” Sadly asked.

“I’m not really a joiner either,” Luke replied.

“I’m a loner, this isn’t my idea of a good time,” said Edie as she sized up the others. 

“I hope it’s not Chicken in Gravy again,” Tufty whispered shyly.

Tabby just learned she is in charge of tonight’s campfire for the meow-a-long.


“Boycats are jerks,” Misty said to no one in particular, remembering the dunking she got in the pool yesterday.

“Some of them are not in the camp frame of mind. Personally, I love a good time,” offered Bouche.

He will, no doubt, be crowned “Most Popular Camper” or “Most Annoying Camper.” He may have been seen poolside around the time Misty got dunked…

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