Late Fall in IN and AZ

This is my mother’s yard in northern Indiana less than 2 weeks ago.

This is my yard last Friday.

I used both of these for my 52 Project, which I am happy to say, only has 5 weeks remaining. I’ve been reading on some other blogs I follow, as well as from some of my Flickr contacts, that they are excited to have their 365 projects almost over, too. When I decided to do a 52 last January 1st (with all of them being multiple images), it was because I didn’t want to commit to a 365 but I thought it might lead up to a 365. Nope. I know a lot of you take photos everyday and post everyday even without considering it a 365 but I just can’t. I pretty much only like outdoor photography and, with work lasting until 5 everyday, it makes it difficult to shoot daily…especially in the winter when it gets dark before 6pm. I found that the added pressure (I know, not a very big pressure) of feeling I had to get an image for my 52 was a deterrent rather than an incentive.

I have learned that I can find my own projects to shoot so I don’t need to have the stimulus of a 52 or 365 to force me to do so. And I’ve found a lot of interesting online photo workshops or classes that could provide that impetus if I need it. Not to mention, there are countless Flickr groups that provide themes if one needs that little extra encouragement to shoot now and then (Bench Monday, Fence Friday, 64 Colors, etc.). I found several that appealed to me that I will probably participate in more actively in 2011.

This coming year, I am going to continue with my mural project in central Phoenix as well as a project documenting historic churches in the downtown area. Having photos for my blog is the major force that will drive me to photograph, I think.

What about you? Do you have any new projects you want to pursue in the upcoming year? Or did you learn anything from what you photographed in 2010 that will change what you do in 2011? Does your blog force you to photograph when you might not do so otherwise? Can you really shoot everyday?


4 July 2010

I like the “Grown in Mexico” watermelon. The old melting pot. This is the southwest, after all.

Hope you’re having a fun and/or relaxing looong weekend. Tonight we should be able to see some of downtown Phoenix’s fireworks show from our front yard and, if it’s not too hot, I might set up my tripod and try to capture the iconic Fourth of July photos…or not.

Happy Birthday, America.

Summer Colors

If you want some flowers in your yard in Phoenix in the summertime, better choose vinca (with a bonus fly).

Certain non-flowering plants can also survive the relentless sun and heat. Hoping for a slightly cooler, relaxing weekend here.


I was trying to find an antonym for “inspiration” to illustrate that I still haven’t found any. But all I came up with was “perspiration,” which might be part of the reason I have no inspiration. After the longest, nicest spring I ever remember in Phoenix, the temperature shot up to 110 over the weekend, unseasonably hot.

The above photos are from a thread on the photojojo forum called Diptych Daredevils. The rules of the game are that one person posts a photo and someone else matches up one of their own with it to form a diptych. Then the second person posts another photo and someone else makes a diptych from that and one of their photos and on and on. So the one above on the left was done by MarleyMax and I paired my photo on the right with it.

The photo on the left below is mine and Nana matched one of hers up with it. It’s a fun exercise. Feel free to join in if you’d like. Everyone on the photojojo forum is very nice and supportive.

I did take a few photos tonight but I haven’t processed them yet. Here are a few more sunflowers from the alley behind our house taken a week or so ago.

Hope you’re keeping cooler than we are. It’s supposed to go back to normal this weekend, which is about 97, and will feel so much better than this.


All I have is junk, nothing to show photo-wise for the last week or so. I guess I’ve partly been in a photography slump but also I’ve been doing this a lot:

Yup, that’s pretty much all I did this weekend…after we went to Downtown Chamber Series…read People of the Book (excellent) and played with my new Kindle. If I had waited to buy the book on the left until I had the Kindle, I would have saved $13 right away. Meanwhile, I’m anxious to start reading on the Kindle. I’ve downloaded the first book I’ll be reading, Little Bee. I’m sure I’ll still be buying some actual books because art and photo books just wouldn’t work well on a Kindle and probably aren’t even available anyway.

But this week, I definitely have to get back to photography!