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Three of Four Seasons

This is the Darden Road Bridge in South Bend, Indiana, over the St. Joseph River. The only known truss bridge in the county, this bridge is noted for its multi-span length and unusual deck placement. It was built in 1884 by P. E. Lane of Chicago, Illinois. I came upon it by accident and it was really pretty.

I just got back from there; my 95 year old mother was in Rehab. She’s fine now and will be released in a couple days. I didn’t have much time for birding, understandably, nor did I take my birding lens but, even so, I got 5 lifers!

These first few photos were taken at St. Patrick’s County Park, also on the river.

Black-capped Chickadee

There is a Bald Eagle nest at this park that has been inhabited for the last couple of years. The eagles took over an existing Red-tailed Hawk nest (I didn’t know they did that). Below is the nest.

And my mom and I saw one of the eagles in a nearby tree! Wish I had my birding lens for that. Here’s their Bald Eagle Live Cam.

On another day, I went to Madeline Bertrand County Park in nearby Niles, Michigan, and that’s where I got 4 lifers in less than an hour! These are birds we don’t see in Arizona.

White-breasted Nuthatch

Tufted Titmouse

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Dark-eyed Junco, Slate-colored

I also saw a beautiful Blue Jay but the photos are pretty blurry.

Northern Cardinal, Indiana State Bird

We have Great-tailed Grackles in AZ but in Indiana, they have these guys all over the place (my 5th lifer):

Common Grackle

The robins were in abundance everywhere, pudgy little things.

American Robin

In the 2 weeks I was there, I experienced all the seasons but summer. The temperatures ranged from 19 to about 65. We had rain, snow, sleet, hail (golf ball-sized), tornados all around us, and a little sun. I prefer Arizona’s 2 seasons, beautiful and hot. I’m fortunate it was “mild” while I was there, for the most part. Bye, snow.

BTA or Bust

Imp Bird Area_edited-1

BTA is Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, AZ, which is a “birding hotspot,” but it was a bust when we went last weekend. But I like to write some bird-light or bird-free posts now and then so this will be very bird-light.

Since the birds were few and far between, this suspension bridge over (dry) Queen Creek was my favorite part of the day.

Bridge 1

Bridge 2

Bridge 3

And, we saw a little fall color.

Path 2


Fall Colors

Prickly Pear

If it had been butterflies we were looking for, it would have been a great day even though they almost never stopped moving.

QueenQueen Butterfly

AdmiralAdmiral Butterfly

The birds were laying low, apparently, in the bazillions of trees there but these guys were willing to pose:

Cactus WrenCactus Wren

FinchHouse Finch, male

Snake TrailSnake Trail

Turtle Island


I did get 2 lifers which is better than nothing but the photos are pretty pathetic:

Canyon TowheeCanyon Towhee

Dark-Eyed JuncoDark-eyed Junco (Oregon variant)

Root 1

Root 2

Sag Bloom



*A few of these photos were taken by Tony 🙂

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