Liberate Your Art 2014


This is my 3rd year participating in Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. After all the postcards are sent out to the 200+ artists/recipients, it’s time for the Blog Hop!

This is the card I sent (seen above with other postcards I had made by


And, here are the cards I received in the order I received them, below. In previous years, I scanned the cards for my blog but this year I attempted to photograph them in complementary settings, which is what we were supposed to do. (Click photos to see the true beauty of the postcards.)

Linda Yeatman

From Linda Yeatman.

Adrienne Mason

From Adrienne Mason.

Leslie A

From Leslie A.

Stacie Bebber_edited-1

From Stacie Bebber.

Cathy Brashear

From Cathy Brashear.

Kat Sloma 2

From Kat Sloma, the organizer of this annual postal and online event.

Deanie 1

And…from a sideswap I did with Deanie Houghtaling, who I “met” through this event last year and found out she lives about a mile from me and then who I met in person a few months ago. Deanie shares my love of cats and photography and we need to go out shooting together soon…or at least back out to dinner.

There was also a Facebook group for this event (and an Instagram one, too) where people posted cards as they got them so we could all see a lot of the cards.

So…you can check them out, too, by looking at the blogs of the other participants. And you should join in next year, it’s really fun! Thanks, everyone, and thanks, Kat, for all of your hard work.

Here’s the link to the participating blogs:

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Which one doesn't belong

Clockwise from top left: Svengali, keeping cool in the aloe; Stripey, waking up from an afternoon nap; Google, sunning himself on the futon; dove perching. It’s the dove! Did you guess it?

So we’re getting into that time of year where my posts might be sort of lame…the heat can be a deterrent to getting “out there” shooting much. But there might be a staycation or 2, or a roadtrip now and then, or an imaginary vacation, a midwestern visit, some murals, or some pretty birdies and flowers around so keep dropping by, please…


Remember a few weeks back when I mentioned the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap and I showed you the postcards I received? I also did some side-swapping but, since that post, I received another postcard from Diane Schuller. Diane lives in Canada and does stunning photography, as evidenced by the below photo.

Diane Schuller

So if you would like to do a side swap, let me know. I have 2 sets of postcards, this one, and another one. If you specifically want the desert scene, please indicate that. Otherwise, I’ll send you the “surprise” one. You don’t need to send a postcard…if you have a little print, that would be fine, or something you can print off yourself on your printer…anything will do…you can even send me a regular postcard from where you live or somewhere you’ve been…sending and receiving mail is fun. I can do at least 5 swaps, possibly more.


I know…it’s all very boring, especially to a cat.

Liberate Your Art 2013


From Miriam Rogers in the UK.


From Lee Thomson.


From Nancy Jean.


From Tracy Swartz.


From Chris.


From Kat Sloma, creator of the Liberate Your Art postcard swap. Check out Kat’s video of all the postcards from 216 participants!

Side Swappin’


From Deanie Houghtaling.


From Roberta Warshaw.

And this was the postcard I entered, printed by


The desert, when the sun comes up…I couldn’t tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.~Forrest Gump

This was the second year I participated in Kat’s swap. You send her 5 postcards, postage for 6, address labels for 6, and you get 6 postcards in return (from 5 other participants and one from Kat). Like last year, I also did a little side-swapping with some of the other participants that I “know” and may do a little more.

It’s funny because so many bloggers I “know” also participated in this swap; I keep seeing familiar names.

Check out the blog hop below using the link tool and see a lot of lovely and creative pieces! Thanks, Kat and everyone. I love all those I received!

More Autumn Stuff

These petunias are on my front porch now. Remember when I posted the postcards I received as part of the Liberate Your Art postcard swap? Well, I exchanged a couple more photos with some other participants so I thought I would show them to you, too, since they’re so pretty.

This one above is from Natasha. She’s a henna artist and this is made with henna, can you believe it?

*Oops, see disclaimer below in the comments, I got it a little wrong.

Anna is a talented artist whose blog I’ve been reading for some time. Look at the beauty in those water drops.

This autumn equinox card is from my cousin, Deborah, and has a Mary Oliver poem inside.

I have autumn leaves in my yard, too…

…but they’re fake. I guess you knew that. Hmm, maybe it’s time for a little roadtrip up north? This should be peak fall color season up there.

This is the time of year our pomegranate bush has fruit.

I baked pumpkin bread…from a mix…that’s pretty good for me.

“We got a new rug and matching giraffe. Mom says it’s hers but we almost never see her laying on it.”

Swap and Hop

I’ve posted this above photo before but I used it recently in the Liberate Your Art postcard swap in which I participated. I affixed an “official” postcard backing to it and mailed 5 of them to Kat Sloma along with stamps and address labels. In return, I got 6 postcards myself (5 from other participants and one from Kat).

I thought I would show you the postcards I received and give the blog addresses of the artists so, if you’re interested, you can check out their blogs.

The blog hop is sort of the finale of the swap and there will be a link at the end of this post so you can visit other participants who also blogged about the swap.

Here are the postcards in the order I received them.

This is from Karen Isaacson.

This is from Judi Shipley. I don’t have a blog address for her.

The above one is from Dana Strickland.

And from Germany, Katrin Klink.

Stephanie Mull sent this one (above).

And the person who put the swap together and mailed out (6 each for all entered) postcards to 193 participants, Kat Sloma, did the postcard above. She does the swap every year so keep it in mind for yourself next year. This is Kat’s post about the blog hop with a video showing all the art.

Aren’t they all gorgeous? I used to do mail art for almost 10 years…sending and receiving a lot of art during that time…so it was fun to experience that again. All the postcards I received seemed to be professionally done whereas my own just had a postcard backing. I was surprised that everyone seems to have “real” postcards. Maybe I’ll get some myself…

This is the link to the blog hop so you can what other participants have to say about it and see what they received: