Northern California, Part 4

This is the end of my January trip to California…heading south on Highway 1 from the Mendocino area in the late afternoon.

Western Grebe
Western Gull
Looking Back at Highway 1
Highway 1 on the Left
Harbor Seals Lounging
My Last Shot of the Ocean

I think the above photo was around Bodega Bay and then we headed inland. It was a perfect trip! Sad to think how the world has changed so much since then…

Saguaro Lake

After exploring the Lower Salt River, we headed to Saguaro Lake, set in the Sonoran Desert and rimmed with canyon walls. It is only about 40 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix.

Eared Grebe

And…I got a lifer (below)!

Western Grebe

Red-winged Blackbird, immature male

The lake is divided into two sections connected by narrows between canyon walls. The above is considered the marina side and the other side is my favorite, Butcher Jones Beach.

The Salt River wild horses, mentioned in my last post, often congregate here on hot, summer days. A lot of people also congregate at this lake all summer long. As you can see, we beat the rush by waiting.

Pied-billed Grebe


There was a really nice trail there but it was almost dusk so we were not able to go very far on it…maybe next time…it seemed pretty “birdy.”

Great Blue Heron

Northern Cardinal

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher