Wings and Things

The Fiery Skippers are back, a sign of Fall but it’s still miserably hot here so not many other butterflies have shown up…just this Painted Lady missing part of its hind wings, still pretty, though:

The neighbor’s Desert Tortoise escaped last weekend and wandered into our yard.

The Phoenix sky looked like this on August 31:

And Anna’s Hummingbirds have been flying around:

Ferguson is looking upward, hoping for better times…

10 thoughts on “Wings and Things

    1. They actually had 2 tortoises and one (the male) was so huge that he found it another home as it had dug his yard up quite a bit. This is the smaller female and she’s not so destructive but I bet she misses her buddy and maybe was looking for him. Poor animals.


  1. It’s always a treat to see your photos. It’s lovely to see the butterflies enjoying the flowers. We’re pretty chilly here now, so I hope all ours have headed to warmer climes. The tortoise is amazing. Perhaps she was out looking for new friends.

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