November in the Nick of Time

This juvenile Cooper’s Hawk was sitting on our birdbath the other morning when I went out. I ran back in the house, grabbed my camera and was able to get off one quick, over-exposed shot before it took off. Pretty cool. Second time I’ve seen one in our yard.

We’ve had to have a major demo on our house as it is 70 years old and had disintegrating cast iron pipes under the house so the patio and bathroom had to be destroyed and we will have a new bathroom. We only have one bathroom and this is Day 16 so it’s been very challenging, dirty, whatever. We still have at least 2 weeks to go. We’re miserable. Every morning we have to round up the indoor cats and corral them in a back bedroom so they don’t escape while workers are going in and out.

All this to say, I don’t have many shots or anything much to say other than to complain and whine. So here are a few:

My new photo blind..haven’t used it yet but it’s portable to take places someday or I can use it in the yard.

Misty, the neighbor’s cat, who prefers to eat at our house. And hang out.

The indoor cats: Ferguson (gray), Bouche (black), and Torti (tortoiseshell) going about their days.

Torti as “The Watcher” on Netflix:

A few more backyard shots: a Curve-billed Thrasher in autumn, a Fiery Skipper on lantana, a Rosy-faced Lovebird with a Thanksgiving treat, a happy sunflower.

And that’s about it for this month. We might be skipping Christmas because of all the hectic turmoil here. My free WordPress account has used 95.2% of the media I’m allowed so I am either going to have to pay to keep my blog going, delete a bunch of photos from years ago (time-consuming), start a new blog, or end it all. I like having a blog but they just don’t get read much anymore so not sure what I will be doing. It’s not really worth paying for…

Happy Holidays!!!!


6 thoughts on “November in the Nick of Time

  1. I will miss you if you do decide to stop blogging. I’m also hoping that you mean that you have one bathroom besides the one that was destroyed. I’m not sure I could go a month without a bathroom. I had to go 8 days without showering after my gallbladder removal. That was not fun.


    1. Thank you, I don’t want to leave. Maybe I’ll actually pay the lowest price…and, no, we have one bathroom total. Zero bathroom at the moment. It was supposed to be a 2 week ordeal. It will be at least 4 😦


      1. Happy 😊 New Year to you as well
        Candace ! Think of how happy you will be to have your place 💖 all fixed up soon. I love your post’s.

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  2. By far the most media space that you use is photos. The website FLICKR has a free account that lets you store up to 1000 photos. When you want to put a photo on your WordPress site, you can just use an BBCode from FLICKR for the photo you want and what it will put on WordPress is a code of only a few characters (taking up practically no space at all). The photo will show up on your blog, but WordPress doesn’t have to store it for you.

    My blog consists of about 2100 posts and all but a couple include photos and in many posts a lot of photos but the amount of WordPress space they use is miniscule. You might check it out.

    If you click on any photo on one of my posts it will take you to that photo on FLICKR. You might check it out because it can give you a whole lot more posts with your remaining free space on WordPress.

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