Wrap Up (Not)

Every time I think I’m getting close to the end of my downtown Phoenix mural photography project, I see or hear about another one (or several). Originally I thought today’s post was going to be one of the last ones for awhile but now I know where there are at least 5 more. Part of the reason is that murals are now a big thing in downtown Phoenix and someone is constantly working on a new one. There is even a fledgling mural organization program called Mural Match, organized by Roosevelt Row, the location of many downtown galleries and current murals.

But the murals in today’s post all have one thing in common. I don’t know anything about them nor who painted them.

According to one of the shop owners that I spoke to in this strip of galleries, this mural is slated to be painted over with a new one soon.

There is a controversy brewing now where some street artists have been tagging murals that other artists were commissioned to do. The street artists feel that murals should have a message, basically their message, and that they have a right to vandalize commissioned murals. Of course, the business owners and muralists whose works are defaced do not agree.

So this may be the project that never ends and that is a good thing because it means downtown Phoenix will just keep getting more colorful and more animated.

6 thoughts on “Wrap Up (Not)

  1. I so look forward to these images Candace. Just so neat that you take the time to showcase and tell about these works of art. There are just so many interesting and different murals- loveit.

    Look at #5 did you notice how perfect with the sunflare? Awesome.
    I can see why the muralists would be upset with taggers- that is just too bad.
    I am glad it’s wrap up NOT!
    Keep em coming.


  2. These today look well done and very colorful. It must take an experienced eye to have a conception of a design and translate it into a huge mural.
    Too bad there are completing ideas of who should say what in the murals.
    It must be fun to drive around Phoenix and run into these occasionally.


  3. i for one am fascinated with this ever evolving project… you have captured the feel of each one so well..

    i hope that your thanksgiving is very nice..I am grateful for your blog friendship


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